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Updated documentation for Firefly 8.1.0

Thomas Pijper

Dear Firefly users,

New documentation for Firefly is now online and can be found in the "Manuals" section. A list of changes is as follows:

- Improved text on TDHF and TDDFT for excited state calculations (CITYP=TDHF/TDDFT)
- New text on TDHF/TDDFT polarizability calculations (RUNTYP=TDHF)
- Improved text on polarizability calculations with the finite field method (RUNTYP=FFIELD)
- New text that details how to specify a homogeneous electric field ($EFIELD)
- Updated keyword descriptions for various groups. Descriptions for the $TDHF, $TDDFT, $CIS, and $EFIELD groups are now complete.

Kind regards,

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