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Re^2: huge punch file

Masoud Nahali

Dear Thomas and Solntsev

Many thanks, the datagam really works well and solved my problem. Best Wishes


Masoud Nahali, Sharif University of Technology

On Wed Mar 9 '11 6:04pm, Solntsev Pasha wrote
>I made simple program to do this job without any problem and any text editor. See

>If you need native Windows XP application, let me know. Source code available.
>To get last block like "VEC" "HESS" just type
>datagam -i -1 PUNCH
>For example:
>datagam -i VEC -1 PUNCH
>will extract last VEC bloc and save it to VEC.last file.

>datagam -i VEC 0 PUNCH
>extract all VEC's in save them into separate files.

>datagam -i VEC 3 PUNCH
>extract 3rd VEC in save them into VEC.3 file

>Under Linux then you can very easy type
>cat VEC.last >> input

>Same thing you can also to do with any block.

>Best, Pavel.
>On Mon Mar 7 '11 4:15pm, Masoud Nahali wrote
>>Dear Firefly Users

>>In some cases where punch files are huge, it is impossible to copy VEC section of the punch file to a input file. As I have examined PFE.exe editor works more efficiently than the windows original editors (notepad and wordpad) and it can easily open such files (about 500 MB) but it can't copy the huge VEC section to a input file. Is it possible to read VEC section of a punch file by Firefly without copying the VEC section to a input file ? I appreciate your help in advance.

>> Best Wishes

>> Masoud
>>Masoud Nahali, Sharif University of Technology

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