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Re^5: Comparison of computing time Intel Nehalem vs. AMD Opteron || Linux vs. Windows 7

Alex Granovsky

By the way...

Does anybody have access to system or systems based on AMD Bulldozer
CPUs? As to us, we do not have them at moment in our zoo. It would be
nice to test forthcoming Firefly 8.0.0 on these processors and add
some Bulldozer-specific optimization. We would be grateful if anybody
could just provide results of our standard benchmarks while remote
access possibility would be even much more appreciated.

Alex Granovsky

On Sat Nov 12 '11 10:57pm, Thomas H. wrote
>Dear Davide,

>Thanks a lot for this results. It seems that your results confirm the experience, that the efficiency (combination clock, architecture, hyper threading…) of these Intel processors is approx. twice as much as the tested AMD processor – also in the case of Firefly.

>Thanks and best regards,


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