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Re: Where KDIAG in the group $GUESS?

Alex Granovsky


it is still here in $guess. It simply is not printed out in the listing.

Alex Granovsky

On Fri Dec 24 '10 11:23pm, Alexandr wrote
>Why in the listing output file in the text
>-------------------------------------------------- -
>-------------------------------------------------- -
>does not appear KDIAG = 0, although the input file, this command I am asking explicitly?
>Checking the correctness of the group $GUESS command exetyp=check shows that "check shows $GUESS GROUP SYNTAX IS OK". And given the available: GUESS, MIX, TOLZ, NORB, PRTMO, TOLE, NORDER and SYMDEN. And there is no mention KDIAG!
>(As we know from the mannual in this group by default KDIAG = 3) ...
>Is this team in this group is ignored?


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