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Re^3: Running of Firefly using FICO

Alex Granovsky

Hi Pasquale,

On Thu Jul 29 '10 10:47pm, Pasquale Morvillo wrote
>Probably I need to put a warning in the next version!

More precisely, there is a difference how Firefly interprets PATH\ and "PATH\"

For PATH\, it appends pcg.# so that PATH\ becomes PATH\pcg.0, etc...
For "PATH\", it removes quotes, and then appends .# so that "PATH\" becomes PATH\.0, etc...

However, this does not always work properly, at least under Windows.
The reason is the bug in the Watcom RTL. E.g., if you pass the
following arguments to Firefly:

 .... -t "C:\" -np 4

the last arguments will be combined and the actual arguments
that will be passed would be the following:

  C:\" -np 4

instead of four arguments:


The problem is with the incorrect handling of \ escape character.
This problem definitely confuses current versions of Firefly.
However, future builds will include some workaround for this problem.


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