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Re: Problem with el. field calculation in $pcm group

Alex Granovsky


AXYZ,BXYZ, and CXYZ are arrays, so you have to input them as arrays, e.g.:


Alex Granovsky

On Thu Jul 15 '10 4:53pm, Siarhei wrote
>I run calculation with

>$pcm solvnt=water ifield=2 $end

>to calcualte electric field on a planar grid,
>but I have no idea how to define grid correctly.

>From manual "If IFIELD=2, the following data must be input:
>AXYZ,BXYZ,CXYZ = each defines three components of the
>vertices of the plane where the reaction
>field is to be computed (in Angstroms)
>A ===> higher left corner of the grid
>B ===> lower left corner of the grid
>C ===> higher right corner of the grid"

>It is clear, that each of (AXYZ,BXYZ,CXYZ) must contain
>three variables (x,y,z).
>How can I input this data (AXYZ,BXYZ,CXYZ) correctly?
>In what format?
>Help me, please. Has anybody deal with it?

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