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Re^3: Some input file run while others refuse to run

Alex Granovsky

Dear Adebayo,

Prior to version 8.1.1 Firefly may have failed on large disk
partitions formatted using certain filesystems like xfs due to
readdir call returning EOVERFLOW for 64-bit inodes.
This problem has been fixed in Firefly version 8.1.1

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Sun Sep 20 '15 5:24am, Adebayo A. Adeniyi wrote
>Dear Prof Alex,
>Thanks for the response. The file system is Linux and the size of my input file range from 25mb to 33mb. I am using openmpi 1.6.4. and I am using Firefly version 8.1.1 download links, Linux/OpenMPI v. 1.6.x, dynamically linked version.


>On Sun Sep 20 '15 3:45am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>what is the filesystem you are using to run Firefly and what is its size?

>>Kind regards,
>>Alex Granovsky
>>On Sat Sep 19 '15 0:36am, Adebayo A. Adeniyi wrote
>>>Dear all,

>>>I have posted this before but somehow removed. I have error messag running some of my input files. Some of them run successfully while I obtained the following error massages for others:
>>> ON MASTER RANK, ERROR CODE IS : 0x00000025
>>>    Unable to open an input file
>>>    Unable to create the output file
>>>    Unable to copy one or more runtime extension file(s) (*.ex)
>>>What can be causing this.

>>>My command line is:
>>>mpirun -np 8 pcgames -r -f -f -f -stdext -f -f -f -i xxx.inp -o xxx.log  -ex /directory/FIREFLY
>>>The cpmd I am using is version 8.11


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