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Re^3: Standard perormance test

Alex Granovsky

Dear Alex,

I'm sorry for some delay with my reply.

This code was tested with CUDA toolkit and CuBLAS versions 5.5.
After installing CUDA toolkit and CuBLAS libraries, run


and create appropriate symbolic links to satisfy its dependencies.

Finally, run Firefly.

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Sun Jun 28 '15 9:17am, Alex Nest wrote
>Thank you very much for benchmark input. The second problem is loading CUDA drivers. I've probed 32bit CUDA toolkit (i tried cuda 5.0 up to cuda 6.0) but always got the following error:

> Loaded CUDA/Firefly interface version 0x00010005^M

>TID 23530 caught signal 11.

>Dump of registers follows

>eax :: 0x00000000, edx :: 0xf5209290
>ecx :: 0x00000000, ebx :: 0xf619314c
>esi :: 0xf547fdfc, edi :: 0xf547fe7c
>ebp :: 0xf620a6a0, esp :: 0xf547fd4c
>eip :: 0xf57bd4a9, eflags :: 0x00210246

>cs  :: 0x0023
>ds  :: 0x002b
>es  :: 0x002b
>ss  :: 0x002b
>fs  :: 0x00ff
>gs  :: 0x0063
>Dump of raw memory area # 1

>Do you know what should I do? Try another NVIDIA driver? Or check some other libraries?

>With respect,

>On Fri Jun 26 '15 3:20pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>our standard MP4(SDTQ) test input file (for CPUs only) can be found here:
>>You will need to adjust mklnp variable according to your system specification.
>>As to other standard test inputs, you can find inputs here:
>>Kind regards,
>>Alex Granovsky
>>On Wed Jun 24 '15 8:47am, Alex Nest wrote
>>>Good morning!

>>>We are going to perform some tests on a machine with different configuration (of GPU and CPU). In the thread


>>>author writes about "standard MP4 test". Where can I find this test to make my test be comparable? Where can I find another types of "standard tests" (non-GPU)?

>>>Best regards,

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