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Re^6: Conical interestion

Alex Granovsky


I'm sorry for huge delay with my reply.

As to branching vectors please see:

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Fri Apr 17 '15 9:23am, Abhineet Agarwal wrote
>Thanks for the help. But I think there might be no such conical intersection possible as it is not being shown up.
>I had one more question that if we can find the branching vectors using the conical intersection geometry.

>Abhineet Agarwal.

>On Thu Apr 16 '15 2:30am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>the error is caused by C-C-O angle approaching 180 degrees.
>>As a sequence internal coordinates become singular. While you can
>>restart computations from the new geometry, I'd recommend to
>>restart computations from the scratch adding the following keys
>>to your input:


 $mcscf ntrack=2 $end
 $conic shift0=1.0d-3 $end

>>Kind regards,
>>Alex Granovsky

>>On Mon Apr 13 '15 9:05am, Abhineet Agarwal wrote
>>>The output file is attached.

>>>Abhineet Agarwal.
>>>On Sat Apr 11 '15 1:16pm, Abhineet Agarwal wrote
>>>>The input is attached.

>>>>Abhineet Agarwal.

>>>>On Fri Apr 10 '15 11:55pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>>>>could you please provide your input and output files?
>>>>>Kind regards,
>>>>>Alex Granovsky
>>>>>On Mon Apr 6 '15 8:56am, Abhineet Agarwal wrote
>>>>>>I was searching for a conical intersection between the ground and the first excited state using a three state averaged theory. But I was being given a severe error, the singular angular variable error. Could any one tell me why this error shows up ?

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