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Re^3: visualize Firefly output files

Alex Granovsky

Hi Roy,

As to Avogadro: try running Firefly with this additional command line option:




and see if this helps.

Kind regards,

On Wed Aug 6 '14 8:49am, TianY wrote
>Hi Alex,

>Thanks for you prompt reply. It works with Chemcraft as the way you suggested.


>On Wed Aug 6 '14 8:31am, Alex Granovsky wrote
>>Dear Roy,

>>the only compatibility problem with Chemcraft I'm aware of is that
>>the list of execution nodes printed at the very beginning of the
>>output must be deleted. Otherwise, it works just fine.

>>I do not know anything on Avogadro.

>>Hope this helps.

>>Kind regards,
>>Alex Granovsky
>>On Wed Aug 6 '14 8:22am, TianY wrote
>>>Dear Friends,

>>>I have difficulties to open and visualize the Firefly output by using Avogadro or Chemcraft. Should I made any change of the output file for visualization of those graphic programs?
>>>Thank you.

>>>Roy Tien

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