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Re: Application not staying open

Alex Granovsky


under Windows, please follow these instructions step by step:

1. Unzip the initial archive
2. Download trial winrar archiver software by rarsoft.
3. Run winrar.
4. Open the ff801.rar archive in winrar.
5. Unpack it to the directory you like. Properly enter the password (all 35 characters) when prompted.
Hint: you can copy password to clipboard then paste it.
6. The several files will be extracted, including Firefly801.exe - Firefly executable

To run sample calculation, please follow these steps:
1. unzip the SAMPLES\SAMPLES.ZIP file.
2. copy a desired input file into the file with name "input"
3. run Firefly801.exe in the same directory where the "input" resides.
4. You will get the output on your screen. To get it redirected to file use:
firefly801.exe -o output
firefly801.exe > output 2>&1
5. After calculation, erase all temporary files produced by Firefly,
especially punch, dictnry, and ircdata (if any).


Firefly is the Windows console-based application, thus you need to run it
from the command prompt.
Second, you need to have input file called "input" in the folder you are
going to use to run Firefly (the Firefly itself can be installed in any
directory, simply add the path to the Firefly to your PATH).

Next, any other files, including punch, dictnry, etc..., from the
previous Firefly run should be normally erased before running
Firefly again, the exceptions are various restart runs.
Finally, you can find more information on this on the Firefly site: (main page) (introduction) (FAQ)

Best regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Mon Jul 7 '14 7:47pm, Lynn Schmitt wrote

>In all honesty I am not amazing with computers, and have been really struggling with the installation of the program.  I extracted the files and unpacked the .rar, and now when I go to use the program it opens and then immediately shuts down. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if I missed something.  I would appreciate the advice.


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