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Re^5: Stack backtrace (Firefly 8.0.1 Linux mpich1 ssh)

Alex Granovsky

Dear Vitaly,

you need to allow ssh connections to your computer from outside
of the world. Most likely, ssh is installed by default but you
may need to check firewall settings.

In addition, you need to create account for me. During my tests,
I will need gdb and strace so you may need to install them.    

All the best,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed Apr 16 '14 3:34am, Vitaly wrote
>Dear Dr. Granovsky,

>I can connect that computer to a separate IP. What software I need to install to make the connection possible? I am running Ubuntu (64 bit).
>Once I get your reply and arrange everything, I will send you an e-mail.

>Yours, Vitaly
>On Tue Apr 15 '14 1:05pm, Alex Granovsky wrote
>>Dear Vitaly,

>>is it possible to get remote access to this computer system?

>>Kind regards,
>>Alex Granovsky
>>On Tue Apr 15 '14 11:47am, Vitaly wrote
>>>Dear Dr. Granovsky,

>>>attached is the dump file

>>>Yours, Vitaly
>>>On Tue Apr 15 '14 11:01am, Alex Granovsky wrote
>>>>Dear Vitaly,

>>>>to try to help you I need a more complete debug output

>>>>I need a dump of registers which is printed before a stack trace.

>>>>You can get the debug messages in a file using:

>>>>./firefly801 -i cbmim_ccpvtz.inp -o cbmim_ccpvtz.out -f -stdext -b cc-pvtz.lib -p4pg procgrp 2>&1 >dump.out
>>>>Kind regards,
>>>>Alex Granovsky

>>>>On Tue Apr 15 '14 5:16am, Vitaly wrote
>>>>>Dear colleagues,
>>>>>I try to run FF, and get "Stack backtrace" error. The last few lines of output message:
>>>>>Stack backtrace

>>>>>esp :: 0xffd8da18, ebp :: 0xffd8de58, eip :: 0x080a4e54
>>>>>esp :: 0xffd8de58, ebp :: 0xffd8df88, eip :: 0x080a2de4
>>>>>esp :: 0xffd8df88, ebp :: 0xffd8dfa8, eip :: 0x080a2f61
>>>>>esp :: 0xffd8dfa8, ebp :: 0x00000000, eip :: 0x098a8eac

>>>>>Aborting job...

>>>>>here's a command line:
>>>>>./firefly801 -i cbmim_ccpvtz.inp -o cbmim_ccpvtz.out -p4pg procgrp -f -stdext -b cc-pvtz.lib

>>>>>Did anyone face such thing? I checked this forum and didn't find a hint.

>>>>>UPD: also before "memory damp" in the terminal it printed several lines like
>>>>>TID 2816 caught signal 11.
>>>>>Dump of registers follows
>>>>>TID 2819 caught signal 11.
>>>>>Dump of registers follows
>>>>>TID 2817 caught signal 11.
>>>>>Dump of registers follows
>>>>>TID 2822 caught signal 11.
>>>>>Dump of registers follows
>>>>>eax :: 0xf61f0420,
>>>>>TID 2813 caught signal 11.
>>>>>Dump of registers follows
>>>>>TID 2812 caught signal 11.
>>>>>Dump of registers follows
>>>>>eax :: 0xf61d0420, edx :: 0x00000000
>>>>>TID 2814 caught signal 11.


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