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Re^5: density convergence

Alex Granovsky

Dear David,

As to DFT grids, try to set

 $dft lmax=47 nrad=127 $end

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed Jan 1 '14 4:23pm, David G. wrote
>>Dear Pavel

>yes actually I am using diffuse functions and I should have dropped off some of them to reach equilibrium. After then I should use diffuse functions to compute the properties of the system accurately. Could I increase the DFT grid accuracy using just LAMX ?
>Dear Slawomir

>adding the following line didn't help to make density convergence better than before.

>Many Thanks for your kind attentions and comments.
>Sincerely David
>On Wed Jan 1 '14 9:50am, Pavlo Solntsev wrote
>>Dear David.

>>My two cents.

>>Do you use diffuse functions? Is geometry really good? In the first case you may drop off some diffuse functions to achieve a convergence. If geometry is not good, you may try to use smaller basis set and then expend it up to desired size. Keep in mind, for DFT you may also need to increase grid accuracy, especially for transition metals.


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