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Re: InfiniBand and 32/64-bit library

Alex Granovsky

Dear Pavlo,

As to your questions:

In your case, P2P interface will use IPoIB and this is just fine.
As P2P cannot use IB directly, use of IPoIB is the best possible
solution for P2P communications.  

On the other hand, Intel MPI with no providers will also resort to
IPoIB. Unlike P2P, this is not the best solution for Intel MPI
as it can use IB more directly through DAPL provider.
This will result in faster communications.

All the best,

On Wed Dec 4 '13 8:00pm, Pavlo Solntsev wrote
>Dear Alex.

>I have latest version of FF8 and cluster with IB. I use iMPI(32-bit) version to run the program. There is no ethX interface from ifconfig output but ib0 is present. Do we really need to use 32-bit "provider"'s library for IB? Or, in another words, how do i know, FF uses IB interface (or it doesn't)? I added $p2p net=... mask=... bind=.t. $end line to my input file (net is IP for IB interface) plus additional keywords from the manual. Does it help in such situation? Any comments or suggestions would be great. I should also mention, i don't have any problem to run FF. It works fine on more then 1 nodes.

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