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Re^2: CUDA Documentation

Alex Granovsky

Dear Dobromir,

At present, Firefly supports CUDA for MP4-SDTQ computations only.
There is no way to use CUDA for other types of jobs like MP2 or DFT.
Note, Firefly v. 8.0.0 has been released today. It contains fully
rewritten MP4/CUDA code which runs much faster than the initial
implementation found in Firefly v. 7.1.G. If you are interested
in MP4/CUDA computations, please let me know. To run Firefly
with CUDA, you need some additional Firefly's runtime libraries
which are available from me upon request.

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed Sep 4 '13 11:32pm, Thomas wrote

>The main documentation for Firefly, though covering much of the basics, is quite outdated. It can been found here:


>This document has been updated somewhat in the past few years. However, unfortunately a large part of the newer functionality in Firefly has not been added to this document. Most of this functionality has instead been described in various readmes that can be found on the website:


>Note that a new manual for Firefly is currently in the making and will be released very shortly.
>As for CUDA, not much information on CUDA functionality has been described yet. Alex should be able to provide you with more information though.
>Kind regards,
>On Tue Sep 3 '13 11:11pm, Добромир Антонов Калчевски wrote

>>I am a new user of Firefly and I have used GAMESS US before.
>>I cannot find any CUDA documentation what so ever. I've searched this forum but the sample input files in it are not enough. I simply want to make CUDA work and speed up the abilities on my PC. Actually is there enough documentation for every option new in Firefly since 1999 ? Because I saw the 1999 GAMESS US Docs file but it's so old ... can I find everything new in the docs @ this website ?

>>How am I supposed to use the program with no documentation ?

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