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Re^2: Updated Firefly v. 8.0.0 binaries

Alex Granovsky

Dear Lello,

yes I have read them. I'll answer you in details soon.
In brief, this time it's not the energy gradient problem,
most likely you just need to increase the overall precision
of computations due to use of PCM gradients.

Kind regards,

On Sat May 25 '13 10:15pm, lello wrote
>Dear Alex,

>I have problable posted my comments in the wrong place,
>did you check my last omments on the SA-MCSCF geometry optimization?


>On Mon May 20 '13 1:35pm, Alex Granovsky wrote
>>Dear Firefly users and testers,

>>Firefly v. 8.0.0 RC binaries were updated today to build # 7697.
>>Basically, these binaries solve MCSCF PCM gradient issue.

>>Kind regards,
>>Alex Granovsky

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