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Re: PC-GAMESS to Generate *47 files

Alex Granovsky


I have removed attachment because it contains the information
you must not disclose (the NBOLID and NBOKEY).

As to your question, your input file *does* generate archive
file test.47 Please check again.  

Alex Granovsky

On Sun Feb 3 '13 1:18am, Franklin Chen wrote
>Although with the instructions from the website, I was able to to incorporate NBO License ID and NBOKey to generate output files with NBO output,  I was not able to generate *47 files even I had used the following card:

>$nbo file=test archive $end.

>The output file has the following message:  /ARCHIVE/ : Write the archive file to LFN 47 /FILE / : Set to test

>But, *47 file was not found.

>Can someone help?

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