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Re^2: Problem with parallel execution

Alex Granovsky


Sanya is absolutely correct in that *.ex files (which was not used
in your sample so that Firefly complains on the missed fastdiag and
tuned dgemm) are important for good scalability, as well as the use
of dynamic load balancing over P2P interface.

Another important point is that your test job is simply by far
too small to run it in parallel on more that say two or four cores.
Try to run larger job.  

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed May 9 '12 4:49pm, sanya wrote
>Probably, the problem is in the following diagnostics:

>Processor-specific dynamic link DGEMM library code not loaded.
> Using built-in DGEMM code instead.
> Warning: running without fastdiag runtime extension!

>Probably, adding $SMP and $P2P groups may help

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