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Re^2: MP2/6-311G**

Alex Granovsky


Basis set exchange portal is at:

Note, you should request basis set in GAMESS (US) format
as it is fully compatible with Firefly's format.

You need to consult manual to find out how to provide
basis set manually in the input file.

Alex Granovsky

On Tue Feb 14 '12 4:34pm, gensz wrote
>On Mon Feb 13 '12, gensz wrote
>>I'm having a problem with calculating the energy for MP2/6311-G**
>>because this is what it says when i run the input file : ILLEGAL EXTENDED BASIS FUNCTION REQUESTED

>thank you, but i dont know how to use that EMSL basis set exchange...

> what do i do if want to work on 6-311G(3d,2pf) and 6-311G(d,p)?

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