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Re: mpich fully STATICALLY linked version of firefly

Alex Granovsky


Are you running Firefly on a cluster or on a standalone system?
(The answer to your question is "No" in both cases but running
mpich binaries on a standalone multi-core system is a bit simpler
than on a cluster.

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Sat Feb 4 '12 7:52pm, Slava wrote
>Hi all,

>I was able to run firefly in parallel (MPCIH2 dynamically linked version) following simple instructions. I want to do the same for the MPICH statically linked version. As far as I understand, I don't have to install the MPICH library as the binaries are statically linked with MPICH. I am trying to do the same things as in case of dynamically linked version, but the system says it need MPICH to be installed. Am I right? What is the sequence of commands to configure the version under consideration for execution in parallel?

>I really appreciate your help. My question may seem to be stupid, but I really don't know the answer because I am not very good at programming.



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