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Re^5: How to change rsh to ssh?

Vitaliy Gorbenko

On Mon Feb 11 '08, Alexei Popov wrote



I did try the next commandline
ssh -t -t $HOSTNAME /home/gorbenko/pcgamess715/pcgamess "$@" ....

but the message has been recieved

tcgetattr: Invalid argument
n02: Connection refused

Next I ran PCGAMESS and wrote the list of processes. Among them I found such line

5411 pts/5    SN+    0:00 /usr/bin/rsh n02 -l gorbenko -n /home/gorbenko/pcgamess715/pcgamess n01 56969 \-p4amslave \-p4yourname n02 \-p4rmrank 1

May be "Connection refused" is caused the using rsh-protocol?
What can I do?
Help me.

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