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Help to create procgrop file for parallel runs with FF on Ubuntu 10


Dear forum followers,

I am a windows user whom has very recently switched to Ubuntu 10 (and knows little about LINUX/UNIX), and am struggling to get FF running parallel jobs on a single node with 2 CPUs (serial jobs are working).  What I have found on this forum indicates I need to download the MPICH package (done), install it (not sure how) and create a procgrop file (not done, not sure how) to tell FF I want to run a parallel job (i.e. -np 2).

The following links are typically supplied on this forum in order to proceed: 1)  and 2) and it has been mentioned several time one needs to create a "progrop" file with little further elaboration.

If anyone reading this has previously managed to install MPICH2 (the current release) AND created a procgrop file in LINUX to be able to run FF in parallel AND is willing to help someone who has essentially zero experience with UNIX/LINUX, please feel free to offer suggestions for getting started, web resources etc.  I am happy to slowly figure things out myself, but I have many other responsibilities, so any help in avoiding re-creating the wheel would be extremely appreciated, so I don't waste time I do not have.

I realise this may be so basic it doesn't deserve attention here, in which case feel free to contact me directly at my email address.

At the end of the day, I just need FF running in parallel, but am willing to learn how to make it happen.


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