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The trouble with the location of temporary files when I run firefly.mvapich on Chebyshev.



If I run:
/home/software/FF/firefly.mvapich -r -f -p -stdext -i /home/khimich/ff1/p1_16mco.inp -o /home/khimich/ff1/p1_16mco.out

then the temporary files appear in /home/khimich/ff2 or /home/khimich. And only after the second or third run they appear in /home/khimich/ff1.

Then I create folder F1, F2, F3, etc. and copy there the executable files and run:
/home/khimich/F1/firefly.mvapich -r -f -stdext -i /home/khimich/F1/p1_14mco.inp -o /home/khimich/F1/p1_14mco.out

Without the option "-p". And temporary files appear in the F2 instead F1.

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