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Re^5: Firefly 8

Luca Maidich

Dear Antonio,
in order to run firefly in serial mode you can issue in a shell the following command

./firefly8.mpich.ex -i BENCH01.INP -o BENCH01.LOG -f

file BENCH01.INP is taken from firefly71g samples. In order to run firefly with procgrp you should invoke

./firefly8.mpich.ex -i BENCH01.INP -o BENCH01.LOG -f -p4pg procgrp

where procgrp is a text file in the firefly8 directory, the content of this file is simply the line

localhost X

where X is the number of physical CPUs minus one, for example in my case is 1 because I have 2CPUs.
Please find attached in a compressed archive the two log files that I've obtained issuing the aforementioned commands.

Hope this helps
Kind Regards

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