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Re: memory-CPU maximized communication.

Alex Granovsky


this is not possible with current versions; however, future builds
will most likely add this feature. However, there should not be
expected any dramatic speedup due to this option. The reasons are
that (1) OS file caching is typically working well for files smaller
than the amount of RAM and that (2) Firefly typically compresses data
to reduce the required I/O bandwidth.

However, if you can perform some experiments with RAM disks instead
of HDDs, it would be really interesting to know more on your findings.

Alex Granovsky

On Wed Mar 31 '10 6:19am, Dominic P. Guaņa wrote
>Gud day Firefly users.

>Firefly uses temporary files stored in the same directory which frequently changes size during calculations. It stores information for future calculation. If there's a possibility that RAM could accommodate the size of these file is there a way that Firefly instead store the information in RAM thus minimizing the disk I/O and/or disk I/O only for output file writing. Overall might result in a faster calculations.

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