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Re^4: FF running on cluster with HPC Server 2008

Alex Granovsky


could you please be a little bit more specific?

First, check if you can run a simple batch file across
your cluster. E.g., as the program to be run by mpiexec,
specify something like:

mpiexec [some args] cmd /c z:\test\test.cmd

(assuming that z is shared across all nodes, alternatively,
either use UNC path, or just put test.cmd to c:\test on all
nodes). You may need to use the full path to cmd.exe

The simple test.cmd could be e.g.:

cd \
dir /s >>filelist.%COMPUTERNAME%

Alex Granovsky

On Mon Mar 22 '10 5:23pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>I've found assignment of a -machinefile command. However it is not possible yet to run FF from Job Manager
>On Fri Mar 19 '10 5:17pm, Vyacheslav wrote

>>One more question: what means "-machinefile" in your test.cmd file enclosed to your post for Thomas?
>>Best regards.


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