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Re^3: Problem with amount of memory (linux system)

Alex Granovsky

Hi Plato,

taking apart the question on the importance of the pure 64-bit
version of Firefly, I'm just curious what are the computations for
which you need this amount of memory running job on a single core.
Most of the FF's code was written to very economically use the
memory, and I'm aware only on several types of jobs that are now
becoming limited by the 32-bit address space limit. Your answer
could help us to better understand the program's limits and perhaps
to develop more efficient code.

Alex Granovsky

On Wed Mar 3 '10 6:10pm, Plato wrote
>Greetings,  Jiri.
> I've read those threads, before my message was posted. I hoped that the problem have been solved, because other QC programs (e.g. GAMESS US, ORCA, PSI3)  is able to use all available memory.


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