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Re: MacMolPlt team comments

Alex Granovsky


On Sat Feb 6 '10 1:20pm, Dmitry Ryndyk wrote
>From MacMolPlt site:

>"MacMolPlt fails to parse the output from recent versions of FireFly. The Firefly developers have decided to fork FireFly away from the GAMESS code base. As the GAMESS code is replaced with non-compatible code you can expect MacMolPlt and similar tools to be less and less compatible with FireFly. MacMolPlt should be fully compatible with WinGAMESS and other builds of the GAMESS code base."

That's not completely true. The code base had been different already
for many years, while the output format was the same...
What MacMolPlt is actually expecting to find are some magic strings
in the header of output. Actually, we did not even change the
output format as of yet - only the header was somewhat touched
in version 7.1.G

>It may produce difficulties in working with Firefly.

Frankly, we had never considered MacMolPlt as the primary
visualization tool for Firefly and PC GAMESS, at least on Windows
and Linux platforms. You may take a look at:

for the list of some alternatives.

>On Mon Feb 1 '10 12:34pm, Dmitry Ryndyk wrote
>>MacMolPlt can not open output files produced by Firefly 7.1.G.
>>This is very disappointing.

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