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Constrains for dihedrals in geometry optimization


Dear firefly users,
help me please with syntax of freezing of dihedral angles. I use IZMAT field to input all internal coordinates and IFZMAT field to freez one of them (or different dihedral), but in resulted structure this angle is not equal to started.

$ZMAT   DLC=.T.  IZMAT(1)=1,2,1,        
1,3,1,    2,3,1,2,    
1,13,3,   2,13,3,4,   3,13,3,1,2
IFZMAT(1)=3,13,3,4,12  FVALUE=5.0  $END

Is it correct? Probably FVALUE is wrong in my input (I have not found any examples or descriptions of them)?
Thank you!

Input file is attached.

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