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Re^3: Is there a FIREFLY android App available?

Slawomir Janicki

When choosing the hardware platform it is good to look at the specifications and also at the conditions required to achieve them. Most modern processors are optimized to be used for browsing/interactive experience. In these situations the maximum processing speed is needed only in brief bursts and most of the time the processor can idle at a much lower clock speed.

Scientific software like Firefly needs the CPU to run at maximum clock nearly continuously. Under this demand the heat output would fry any tablet. At this time you can expect that a top rate CPU would output 20-40W of heat per core. The cooling assembly for 80-200W, whether air or liquid cooled, is the size of a small shoe box.

If you look at the Intel lineup you will notice that in the Core i7 family there are processors with X, K, MQ, HQ, and R suffixes that can perform continuously, and a variety of "lifestyle", "low power", and "mobile" CPUs (S, T, MX, M, U, Y) that will throttle periodically to limit the heat output.

The CPUs used in phones and tablets throttle even more.

A separate subject is networking of tablets over the (very limited) wireless spectrum.


On Thu Feb 26 '15 6:51am, Siddheshwar Chopra wrote
>Dear Jim Kress,
>I completely agree with you on this. It would be really painful to keep updating Firefly. But still, out of curiosity, if we DONOT update the OS at all; then Jim can you tell me if a android Firefly would be running well or not? Will it be beneficial or not?
>My basic query is that IS the current smartphone hardware good for computing? You must have even heard of the latest Playstation 3 supercomputer too.

>Kind Regards,

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