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Re^9: Limit on number of cores


thanks very much!  I set variable value MPI_GLOBMEMSIZE=536870912  forever :-)
Now FF works up to 32 cores. I found the following text:

"By default, mpich limits the number of processes for the ch_shmem device to 32, unless it determines at configure time that the machine has more processors.
You can override this limit by setting the environment variable PROCESSOR_COUNT to the maximum number of processes that you will want to run, and then reconfigure and remake mpich."

Does it concern the given restriction? If yes, what to do? I am far from such things.


On Wed Feb 15 '12 7:47pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>this is not the Firefly command line option!.
>This is rather the environment variable which you need to set
>either in the batch file calling Firefly or permanently here:


Computer->Properties->Advanced system settings->Advanced->Environment variables

>The latter will take effect on all sessions launched after you have
>made some changes so you need to start fresh command prompt or other
>shell program you may use.

>Alex Granovsky

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