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Re^2: Memory shortage


Dear Alex,

sorry, there are more complete list of my questions:
1) Where I can get Firefly 8 beta for local machine?
2) Is this option (i.e. ulimit -s 2048) suitable for Linux versions 7.1.G?
3) Will be it works on FF installed on MVS-100 supercomputer of RAS Supercomputer Centre (Moscow)?
4) What kind of Linux is the most suitable for 48-cores AMD computer in your opinion? Now I have CentOS-6.2-x86_64 on this PC. May be, it should replace on some other kind of Linux?


On Fri Feb 10 '12 8:47am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>create a simple script to launch Firefly and put the following line into it:

>ulimit -s 2048

>Then you'll be able to allocate more memory on most Linux systems
>(up to ca. 490 MWords with Firefly 8.0.0 beta)

>Alex Granovsky

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