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Re^2: Limit on number of cores


Sorry for the bad joke related cracking. . I use only license software on all my computers including the home PC.
I can buy Server Enterprise in second half of year only. However I would like to understand, how FF uses an internal network.

Here are three facts: 1) under Win 7 Pro or Server Standard I run simultaneously two FF tasks with 20 cores everyone without problems but not one task with 21 cores;  2) 21 copies and more of Far manager runs without problems also;  3) I can run simultaneously two task of Aimall program, each of them on 21 cores and more.

For this reason I assume that problem is in specificity of FF work. 21 cores on task are 21 copies of FF which run simultaneously. Probably for OS it is 21 users which want simultaneously to get access over network to FF?

On Fri Feb 10 '12 9:00am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>there is no limit on the number of cores in Firefly.

>Could you please be a bit more specific? Do you mean the limitations
>of the OS? You should upgrade to the Server 2008 Enterprise or use
>Linux if so (note it is not allowed to discuss cracking etc... on this forum).
>Alternatively, if you encounter some unexpected limitations running
>Firefly, please provide more information. E.g., there do exist
>some limitations in nt-mpich-smp implementation of MPI so you may
>need to increase the size of the shared memory area e.g.:


set MPI_GLOBMEMSIZE=536870912

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky

>On Thu Feb 9 '12 5:51pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>>At FF run under Win7 Pro and Server 2008 Standard the number of cores is limited by 20 ones. Is it possible to bypass somehow this restriction without OS upgrading (and without cracking which often apply in similar cases :-) )?

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