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Performance goes upwards!



with mxgsum=8000 performance strongly decreases (approximately in 2 times for 24 nodes). It was the last job in first series. Probably I should not exceed this value (in decimal) during tuning?
Further I'll do runs as you have suggested, Alex, and then I'll try to vary other tuning options, mentioned above in this discussion.
Thanks for brilliant recommendations, dear Alex! May be, you have still any advice as a reserve :-)?
Thanks to all for various help!

On Fri Apr 2 '10 1:24pm, Alex Granovsky wrote

>glad to know that!

>00400 means simply 400 i.e. leading zeros do not affect the value.

>I'd suggest you to check the sequence I have suggested - i.e.,
>the consequent powers of two: 512, 1024, 2048, etc...

>On Fri Apr 2 '10 12:49pm, Vyacheslav wrote

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