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Re^9: Performance goes upwards!


I was mistaken in arithmetics! Performance appeared much better! Now I have for 16, 24, 32 cores performance about 165, 244, 312%. I've made runs with unknown to me (but not for FF) values mxgsum=00400, 00800, 001000, 004000. In all these runs results rather close. What these values (00400 etc) means in my case?

PS. Excuse me please once again. Before start on a cluster I have made test on Head node where I have one more FF which I yet did not update...

On Fri Apr 2 '10 12:00pm, Vyacheslav wrote
>Hi, Alex,
>I've edit my previous post and insert first results (before your post has appeared on page) - but with wrong number 00400 (as I've learnt now from your post). I've tried to run FF with mxgsum=0x400 however FF wrote that he doesn't understand what is means. Then I put mxgsum=00400
>On Fri Apr 2 '10 11:00am, Alex Granovsky wrote

>>this is just C language-like syntax for hexadecimal constants.
>>The 0x is just a prefix to mark hexadecimal input.
>>In particular, 0x400 means 400 hexadecimal that is 1024 decimal.
>>Firefly accepts also 0o (for octal) and 0b (for binary) constants.

>>On Fri Apr 2 '10 10:21am, Vyacheslav wrote

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