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Re^2: Restarting incomplete RUNTYP=Hessian problem.

Amir Nasser Shamkhali

Dear Thom
I wrote $END at the end of $VIB group. It seems that another keyword is necessary to consider only remaining atoms not all of atoms.

Best wishes

On Fri Aug 5 '16 9:31pm, Thomas Pijper wrote
>Dear Amir,

>Did you terminate the $VIB group you copied from IRCDATA with an " $END" line? When a numerical Hessian calculation is interrupted there is no opportunity for Firefly to write an " $END" line, so one will have to add one manually.
>Kind regards,

>On Fri Aug 5 '16 2:07am, Amir Nasser Shamkhali wrote
>>Dear All
>>I run a RUNTYP=Hessian input for a 64-atom molecule. After calculation of IRCDTA for 52th atom, an electricity problem caused to shut down of my computer. Then I copied $VEC group from punch file and all of $VIB groups from old IRCDATA file. Also I used guess=moread option. When I run the input file again, an error message appears at the end of output file which means that there are not data of all atoms in $VIB group. There are data of 52 atoms in old IRCDATA file. Now at the end of out file this message appears:
>>  GOT JVIB, JATOM, JCOORD =  0  0  0

>>How can I sole this problem? I appreciate your help.

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