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keyword FRGCUT not recognized in $DRC group

Bernhard Dick

I get the error message " FRGCUT MUST NOT BE ZERO "
My $DRC group is:

INPUT CARD> $DRC NSTEP=500 DELTAT=0.25 EKIN=75.0 VEL(1)=-0.1798582e-2,-0.10320133e-2,      
INPUT CARD> 0.741894913e-3,0.110229e-3,-0.4086850e-2,0.45704366e-2,0.2752395e-2,          
INPUT CARD> 0.4050471e-2,0.45354774e-2,-0.300230e-3,-0.44518991e-2,-0.923075927e-3,        
INPUT CARD> 0.14210450e-2,-0.45375243e-2,0.3877763383e-2,0.25148922e-2,                    
INPUT CARD> -0.13959141e-2,-0.3431709134e-2,0.1482941e-2,0.15365187e-2,0.1767094575e-2    
INPUT CARD>   NFRGPR=2 IFRGPR(1)=1,5,5,6 FRGCUT(1)=4.0,4.0 $END                            

I want to check two distances, namely 1-5 and 5-6. so what is wrong with my input?
thanks for any help,
Bernhard Dick

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