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Re: Web search function and MAsK don't work

Alex Granovsky


1. the Search button is working. What is your browser? Did you try
to use another one? You are the first reporting problems with search

2. As to MASK, it seems it does not longer recognize Firefly inputs
correctly. Try to use -legacy command line switch. Note, using this
switch is not recommended. It will be removed in the future.
I'd rather suggest you to use ChemCraft to visualize your outputs.

Kind regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Wed Oct 26 '16 6:50pm, TG3D wrote
>I have two unrelated questions:

>1. The Search button in the left panel of this Web page opens an empty page with just a title.  I have enabled popup windows, but still no luck--is it broken?

>2.  I can no longer display molecular orbitals of the Firefly 8.2 output files in a small and useful, although no longer supported, MAsK program (  I've tried to change the OUT extension to the LOG one, but no luck.  Can anybody confirm this problem?  MAsK used to work fine with the Firefly 7.1 output files (but it was on a 32-bit Windows system.)  Also, the interatomic distances between various atom pairs are wrong even though I specified COORD=CART in the in[put file, and the final distance matrix is correct.

>I'd like to add that I have a gMolden version working, but MAsK was so quick and useful for simpler jobs I'd like to regain its use.

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