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Re: C-type auxiliary basis sets for Dunning's basis sets?

Alex Granovsky

Dear Michal,

These basis sets can be found in EMSL Basis Set Exchange Library.
You can find them attached to this post, already in the proper format.
Please let us know how they works for you. If they do, I'll put them
into Firefly's download area.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Alex Granovsky

On Tue May 29 '18 12:03pm, Michal Krompiec wrote
>Hi, where can I find auxiliary basis sets (for RI-XMCQDPT2) to be used with Dunning's correlation consistent bais sets? Will this work: ?

This message contains the 194 kb attachment
[ cc-pvxz-ri.rar ] A collection of cc-pvxz-ri and aux- cc-pvxz-ri basis sets for RI-MP2 and RI-XMCQDPT2

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