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Re: Running Firefly in the cloud (Amazon Web Services and the like)

Alex Granovsky

Dear Michal,

I'm sorry for delay with my reply. It seems nobody on this forum
has attempted this so far. Do you plan to run Firefly "in the cloud"
using a single computer system or are you interested in running
Firefly across multiple virtual nodes? I think the first could be
easily done while the second option would require compiling and
configuring some version of MPI to run across several virtual systems.

As to first option, I routinely run Firefly in serial and in parallel
on virtualized Linux systems during development process.
Direct Firefly runs typically show only minor performance degradation
due to use of virtualized hardware.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

On Tue May 30 '17 3:32pm, Michal Krompiec wrote
>Does anybody have experience with running Firefly "in the cloud", using Amazon Web Services or similar systems?

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