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cmd launching FF through MS-MPI never exits

Maurizio Ciofalo

Dear Sirs,
I have noticed that whenever I launch Firefly 8.2 through MS-MPI 8.1 by using the usual mpiexec MSDOS procedure, the job goes quietly to completion, however the cmd/mpiexec keep hung and never exit. This occurs both in smpd -d and via MsMpiLaunch Service. No problems when I use MS-MPI with other applications. I also remember that in the past I have been using older versions of MS-MPI within Firefly, getting no problems at all.
Now I have been testing the issue in two different machines, running both with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. No active Firewall, no Antivirus.
Any suggestions to get rid of this annoying issue?
Thanks in advance
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