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Re^2: Can we study Fermi level shifting in FIREFLY?

Siddheshwar Chopra

Dear Alex,
Thank you for your kind reply. I will try using other packages then.


On Wed Mar 29 '17 0:36am, Alex Granovsky wrote
>Dear Siddheshwar,

>while it is possible to use Firefly to compute estimates of Fermi
>level within finite cluster models, it is way simpler and better
>to use programs that are specifically designed for solid-state physics,
>such as VASP, Quantum Espresso, and many others.

>Kind regards,
>Alex Granovsky
>On Thu Mar 16 '17 2:00pm, Siddheshwar Chopra wrote
>>Dear All,
>>Can we study Fermi level shifting using FIREFLY? There are several ways due to which this shift occurs, but is it possible to study this shift here (from DOS)?


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